Manufacturing Process

Grange, our leading teams are fully integrated in order to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ of services to our clients. Our specialists come from backgrounds in the equipment manufacturing industry or plant maintenance and operations, with a keen sense of practical engineering solutions that we put to work for you. We assist our clients by providing a full range of planning, engineering, environmental, and energy support.

Full Range of Services Including Procurement Procedures

Grange provides a full range of services, including planning, process design and integration studies, structural, building services, process and instrumentation design, construction management, project management, facility management and maintenance. Our procurement procedures allowed for the selection of contractors and material suppliers in an efficient manner, while still ensuring traceability for insurance auditors. The tight schedule for the emergency repairs required a huge collaborative effort and was successfully completed in two separate phases, with both phases coming in on schedule and the overall costs coming in under budget.