Investment attraction

Daily changing situation on the market puts uneasy questions to management of your company:

  • How to involve additional investments into business?
  • How to operate in the circumstances on the market?
  • How to provide efficient control projects?
  • How to resist to attack of competitors?

Answers to these questions and many others are given by the investment consulting, business consulting and an estimation of current situation and modelling of the future financial condition of the company taking into account influence of the internal and external factors, directed to maintenance of financial stability and liquidity of your business.

The experts of the Department of financial and administrative consulting Grange SIA develop and assist in practical realization of the modern highly effective complex decisions directed to achievement by the companies-customers of the strategic targets previously set up.

Investment consulting and business consulting are the basic directions of the activity of our company.

Rich long-term practical experience in the area of business consulting and wide spectrum of our competence allows us to provide high quality services.

The Department of financial and administrative consulting Grange SIA renders services, related to investment consulting and management of projects.