Services and solutions

Grange SIA company has been rendering for many years the various types of service including following directions:

Project Management

Grange views program management as a partnership with owners that fosters effective, cost-efficient and innovative project delivery. Acting as an extension of staff, the program manager protects the client’s interests in all areas of project implementation, from planning and design, through to procurement and construction and into operation and maintenance.

Operations and Maintenance for Rail Transport

Effective operations and maintenance in railways transport is increasingly recognized as essential in helping owners provide safe and efficient transportation. Grange provides a wide range of services offering solutions to create reliable and maximized transportation

Investment attraction

The essential direction of the business activity of Grange SIA is administrative and investment attraction of the companies. We develops business plans, the feasibility reports and marketing strategy, carrying out of marketing researches and calculation of the business value, assist in practical realization of the modern highly effective complex decisions directed to achievement of the strategic targets, previously set up.

Corporate governance

Grange SIA successfully works in such an actual sphere as a corporate governance, offering the clients the following models of increase of efficiency of corporate management: financial modelling, management of risks, minimization of risk influence, improving of the internal control system.

Intelligent infrastructure Systems

To maximize the value from new technology, it must be incorporated and accepted by society – a marriage of the social and technical, to form a socio-technical system. As in any real marriage, it can only deliver its promised benefits if there is understanding, communication and acceptance from both sides.

Manufacturing Process

Grange provides a full range of services, including planning, process design and integration studies, structural, M&E and process and instrumentation design, construction management, project management, facility management and maintenance.

Transportation Services

Covering all models of transport, we provide you with the services you need to meet your customers’ demands. Based on your business need, our team can suggest the most effective and efficient shipment options available. At the heart of our service is our commitment to customers service and quality. With 25 years experience delivering excellence, our focus has always been solely on not letting our customers down. Think together. Move together. Success together.




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