Accounting consulting

Accounting consultations as the help to the accountant
One of directions of activity of our company is accounting consulting.

For this reason, professional consultations of foreign experts in the field of book keeping and the taxation are in demand and always actual.

Grange SIA renders the most demanded services in the field of accounting consulting:

Accounting consultation on the general questions of conducting the accounting and tax account;
Accounting consultation on complicated questions, related to accounting;
Accounting consultations on working out of the Accounting policy and drawing up of the financial reporting;
Accounting consultations on perfection of the system of document circulation.

Accounting consulting — advantages

  1. Economic feasibility. Using the services, related to the accounting consultation the customer saves not only on the expenses connected with the arrangement of the book keeping, improvement of professional skill of employees of accounting department, but also prevents possible expenses in the future, connected with errors in the field of accounting.
  2. The complex approach. At the resolving of this or that question experts of Grange SIA can provide the complex approach, using knowledge from other areas: jurisprudence, economy, marketing etc.
  3. A high skill level. Rendering of accounting consulting services is always performed by a group of experts, whose qualification is above qualification of one accountant.
  4. Promptness. The necessary quantity of the qualified experts provides such the services in short time period.