Services and solutions

Grange SIA company has been rendering for many years the various types of service including following directions:

Tax consulting

Grange SIA performs the consulting services for the companies, related to taxation, the tax accounting and the reporting. Rendering of consulting services is carried out not only in the form of help in decision-making on complicated questions or in reporting drawing up, but also in the form of direct participation in settlement of tax disputes.

Accounting consulting

Consulting for the company, related to the book keeping and the reporting is one of the oldest directions of our activity. Accounting consulting includes such the consulting services as:

  • Working out of an accounting policy;
  • Improving of the system of document circulation;
  • Consulting services, related to the drawing up of the financial reporting.

    Due diligence

    For the purpose of decrease and an exception of possible, economic, financial, administrative, marketing and legal risks of the investor our company carries out legal audit (due diligence) for the companies, the investment project or other object of the transaction.

    Investment consulting and project management

    The essential direction of the business activity of Grange SIA is administrative and investment consulting of the companies. We develops business plans, the feasibility reports and marketing strategy, carrying out of marketing researches and calculation of the business value, assist in practical realization of the modern highly effective complex decisions directed to achievement of the strategic targets, previously set up.

    Business reorganization

    Business reorganization will allow your company to refuse from old methods of business dealing and to turn to the modern, contemporary structure. Our company is ready to render all necessary services, related to the reorganization of business, including improving of a control system and organizational structure, rendering of consulting services, related to the corporate strategy, consulting services on reorganization of holding structures.

    Corporate governance

    Grange SIA successfully works in such an actual sphere as a corporate governance, offering the clients the following models of increase of efficiency of corporate management: financial modelling, management of risks, minimization of risk influence, improving of the internal control system.

    Management of the company efficiency

    Management of efficiency — is the many-sided problem assuming usage of various modern methods and approaches. Our company is ready to carry out the analysis of business processes and efficiency of the company and also to optimize the business processes and to raise the efficiency level.

    Legal support

    The legal support of the companies is the effective and modern tool of functioning of any business. Within the frameworks of the legal support we perform the legal consulting of the company, other consulting services and representation at reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy, in the Courts.

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